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Simple Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

Creating content for search engine optimization presents its own set of goals and challenges. Considering the wealth of new content that makes its way online each day, it’s not enough to just master the parameters of SEO. Effective content is both strategic and high quality. Theses simple tips shed light on how you approach SEO content writing from both of these angles, helping you make the most of your efforts.

1. Get Ahead with Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Writing a whizbang headline may seem like a no-brainer, but the importance of this step cannot be overlooked. Think of your headline as your first impression, it’s the first piece of information your audience will receive and it’ll determine whether or not they read on. So, give these few words the attention they deserve; take time to brainstorm and take advantage of the opportunity to be creative. Choose a headline that is both informative and interesting.

2. Keep it Real with Original, Valuable Content

When writing for SEO, it’s important to focus not only keywords, but also on reader experience. Effective articles, blog posts and social media messages provide something of value to the readers. This means you’ll need to provide fresh—not copied—content that is credible, useful and interesting. Rather than focusing exclusively on your brand’s products or services, expand your topics to include those that would appeal to your audience’s interests. Quality content is clickable, shareable and enjoyable to read.

Go to Great Lengths for Substantial Articles

When it comes to writing for SEO, length is important. Ideally, content purposed for SEO should be between 300 and 1,000 words. Keep in mind, too, that one keyword should be introduces for every 50-100 words. Avoiding cramming your keywords together, though, as the readability and credibility of your content can suffer as a result. Instead, organize them throughout your content, so they appear more natural.

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  1. Rayz World.. says:

    I completely agree with the content writing approach. Especially for those who are thinking of automating this by outsourcing. Test your approach yourself to make sure the approach generates traffic before outsourcing the work to virtual assistants to spend hours writing poor quality content.

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