Why should your brand, your website, and your business be unique? In today’s day and age is it really possible for you to set yourself apart? In this 4 part series we are going to discuss the importance of being unique. Being a unique company that stands out from the crowd is not just about your image, it is about how you develop your image and manage your reputation. In the why be unique series we will explore the top reasons and ways to distinguish your website, your user experience, your media, and your reputation from your competition.

Part 1: Website Design. Just how important is custom website design anyway?

Your identity not theirs

So your a business that wants an online presence right? You want to stake your claim in the cloud right? Then why would you not take every opportunity to showcase you and your business for who and what it is. Unique. You want to distinguish yourself from your competitors in every way possible. A website is an opportunity to extend your reach to audiences who have never seen or experienced your company before. You want that audience to be wowed. You want them to stop and take a moment to explore your brand, your business, your website. You want them to know that you take the time to pay attention to every detail. Why would you risk your company, your brand, and your reputation on a  template design that leaves your visitors with the first impression of “Hey I think I’ve seen that somewhere before.” You don’t. Templates and pre-generated theme designs are created for the majority. They are not created to be specific. They are not created to put your business, and your message, front and center.

You will be surprised at the cost.

There are lot of small businesses out there who feel like a custom website design is simply out of their budget. While the sticker price of DIY designs may look attractive initially, what is the long-term cost to your business. Some things to ask yourself when comparing pre-made designs with custom ones are:

  • Is the design editable? Many DIY templates require you to know at least some HTML in order to edit your site. Will you pay a web company hefty hourly rates to add and edit content? Or will you attempt to learn HTML yourself? If so you must ask yourself, “what is the opportunity cost of doing it yourself?”
  • How is the site going to be hosted and maintained? More money and time can be wasted in website hosting and maintenance. Again, Will you pay someone to host and manage your site? Will you need to learn all of the requirements of hosting yourself? What is the opportunity cost to your business?
  • Lastly how is the website build? Do you really know what is on the inside? Will you take the chance? Most templates and designs are not search engine optimized. If you cannot be found on the web, what is your purposed on the web? Can the template you choose do all this? Or, will you have to pay a web or internet marketing company to optimize and edit your generic design?

The bottom line is that your time is money. Let a professional create a stunning website that is build from the ground up to be tailored to your target market; producing you leads, and sales. Our affordable custom website design includes; custom WordPress design (in our opinion the best content management system out there) for easy updates, a search engine optimized website ready for indexing, standards compliant programming, and hosting and maintenance. And oh yeah, we grantee our work.

You never know.

The last reason on our list for having a custom website design is because you may never know what’s inside a DIY theme or template. Many times free themes and templates bury links back to their own websites within the code. This means that the developers of your DIY design will be continuously getting credited by search engines like Google for the traffic on your site. No matter how much work you do in marketing and promoting your website, you may still be having an anchor pulling you out of the front pages of search engines. Often times they even mask these links so you, nor anyone else but search engine crawlers will know they are there.

The question you must ask yourself is do you really want to risk your companies bottom line over the design of your website. Be unique. Go custom. And grow your business.

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