We are excited to present part 2 of our four part series on the reasons and ways to be unique in the enormous world wide web. This series is all about separating yourself from your competitors and creating an online presence that stands out and defines your business. If you haven’t read Part 1: Why be Unique – Web Design yet, you can check it out now, or go there after your done with today’s topic its up to you. So without further ado, lets begin.

Part 2: User Experience. You say yes to a custom website design…now what?

What defines User Experience

The user experience, sometimes referred to as simply “UX”, is all about how your visitor feels about interacting with your website. This doesn’t just mean do they like the shapes and colors on your web page. It encompasses their emotions and perceptions about exploring your digital brand. It a subjective look into the usability, efficiency, and accessibility of your website. They key thing to remember here about user experience is that it is subjective and dynamic. This means that it changes based on your users’ beliefs , perceptions, preferences, beliefs, psychological responses, accomplishments, and behaviors that develop before, during, and after exploring your brand. It is a lot to soak in, and for businesses still fighting to develop an online strategy, it can become a bit overwhelming to try and consider. However, user experience should never be overlooked.

Why Is user experience important for your business?

When speaking about user experience in website design often times the term “user-centered design” floats around with it. What all this means is that your design is based and optimized around how your customer can, want, or needs to navigate through your website. Your business is unique. The target audience for your product or service is unique. So in turn your website, your brand, and your user experience should be unique as well. As we mentioned in part 1 of our series, if your website is a generic template or theme design it is most likely targeted for the majority not your specific audience. This could mean that your website is forcing your potential customers to change their behavior to accommodate your website not the other way around (as it should be).

Things to consider about your user’s experience

Now that we all have a basic knowledge of what user centered design is all about and the importance of incorporating a user experience strategy into your website. The questions still remains, “great but now what? How do I do that?”

The most important thing is to be aware. Recognize that that user-centered design is a multi-stage process. It includes research and analyze, problem solving, testing, and ongoing maintenance and support. If your website company is not doing these things for you then chances are your website is, or will not be, producing the way it could be.

When you search for Web Designers in Phoenix be sure to verify that they will be incorporating a user centered design into your website. There are a lot of website designers out there who do not consider user experience. Using pre-made templates and themes are not accounting for your specific audience. At Falling Up Media we combine your business objectives – number one, with your target audience, to produce a website that is tailored and constructed to produce you with an outstanding ROI.

Have Any Thoughts To Add?