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You’ve heard about Pinterest.

Your friends and coworkers have been pining over Pinterest for months, and you’ve decided that it’s time to learn what this Pinterest website is all about before you’re pinned as the person who just doesn’t “get” Pinterest.

But you can’t just go firing up an account and start pinning willy-nilly. Otherwise you’ll end up with a board titled “Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal Eating Salad” or “Betty White Saying Funny Things Gallery” and look like a total psycho stalker.

Not that I know from experience.

Or more embarrassing, you’ll join a conversation about Pinterest with coworkers and say you “poked a recipe to your wall.” That’s the kind of social gaffe that takes minutes, sometimes hours for people to forget. Sure by lunch people may stop teasing, but deep down you know they’ll always remember you as the person who used Facebook terms during a Pinterest discussion. That’s the kind of stigma that’s hard to live with.

So educate yourself! For starters you can check out obvious resources like AdWeek or LinkedIn, but we’ve listed some of the most entertaining and humorous articles below.

1). Why Pinterest is Like Black Tar Heroin
For an introduction to Pinterest, trust humorist and early-adapter Brittany Gibbons, who wrote this guide to Pinterest in July 2011 before most people had even heard of it.

2). The Bro’s Guide to Pinterest
“I secretly love all these inspirational quotes and savory recipes, but I’m a dude! How can I use Pinterest to show that I love cars, sports, and bachelor pads?” Ryan Sammy steps up to the plate to show how guys can use Pinterest and keep that machismo with The Bro’s Guide to Pinterest.

3). Pinning May Be Sinning
If you’re more interested in playing devil’s advocate, Phoenix’s very own and appropriately named Phoenix Real Estate Guy takes an opposing stance to Pinterest, explaining his qualms with the popular website and whether or not it truly contributes to the growth of a business. Learn why, for him, pinning may be sinning.

4). Pinterest: The Depths We Will Go to Not Read
So you’ve introduced yourself to Pinterest. You’ve learned why it’s interesting, how businesses are using it to their advantage, and some of the current concerns people have expressed. But what are the cool kids and hipsters saying? Writer Brian Donovan brings his opinion to Pinterest in this article, using a combination of sardonic humor and social commentary that e-zine Thought Catalog has become known for.

Are you pining for Pinterest yet? Then get that invite, set up your account, and start pinning!

Just avoid making a “Recipes for Homemade Ointments that Clear Up My Rashes” board.

That’s how rumors get started.

Did we miss your favorite Pinterest articles? Did you write one yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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