Who’s Coming to Your Party? Using Confetti Mapping to Analyze Visitors

In the last post of our Digital Intelligence series we discussed using heat mapping to track visitors. Today we'll be going over a similar analytics tool from CrazyEgg, confetti mapping. Confetti mapping is like heat mapping in that it shows where people are clicking, but this tool uses colored dots to provide more information about the clicks. Each confetti map is different, and every color will indicate a different type of visitor. A confetti map basically turns your website into a giant party, color-coding your ... Read more

Become a Predator: Using Heat Mapping to Track Your Visitors

Welcome to our Digital Intelligence series. Over the next few weeks we'll be giving you an inside look into the world of web analytics. Today we'll be sharing one of our favorite analytic tools: heat mapping. The Internet is a jungle. It's beautiful and rich with resources, but also difficult to navigate and full of animals that want to poison and/or eat you. It's constantly evolving, and if you don't evolve with it you'll find yourself prey to a faster, more adapted predator. So how do you make sure your busines... Read more