Who’s Coming to Your Party? Using Confetti Mapping to Analyze Visitors

In the last post of our Digital Intelligence series we discussed using heat mapping to track visitors. Today we'll be going over a similar analytics tool from CrazyEgg, confetti mapping. Confetti mapping is like heat mapping in that it shows where people are clicking, but this tool uses colored dots to provide more information about the clicks. Each confetti map is different, and every color will indicate a different type of visitor. A confetti map basically turns your website into a giant party, color-coding your ... Read more

Expand Your Internet Marketing Efforts in 2012

It seems as if 2011 was gone in a blur, and it felt like Google's algorithm changed even faster. It's not easy keeping up with changes in SEO, and in 2012 you may want to start thinking about expanding your SEO & digital marketing efforts. Here are a few ideas on how you can improve your internet marketing campaign in 2012. Internet Marketing Techniques You Should Use in 2012 Focus on Conversion Maybe you spent 2011 working on your SEO, or other forms of marketing. Your analytics are rising and the traff... Read more

Use SEO & PPC to Maximize Results

For many businesses, choosing between SEO and PPC is a big choice. Partly because of budget, and partly because they don't understand the differences. Other businesses know what they want from the get go(or at least think they know). We're not going to go too deep into comparing SEO vs PPC right now, thats a whole other topic. But we will show you how to effectively use SEO and PPC to maximize your Internet Marketing results. Lets assume you know what SEO, PPC, organic and paid listings are. Many SEO companies d... Read more

Dont Hesitate, Get Online Now!

As more and more businesses choose to shift their marketing budgets towards internet marketing you cant afford to waste any time in getting your company online. With the falling economy fueling internet sales you don't want to be left behind playing catch up on the search engines. Is your business doing just fine? Sure, today your business is the leader in your field, lets keep it that way and get ahead of your competition by marketing online and generate more sales to grow your company and keep it on top. Or... Read more