Occupy Colab

In recent weeks we've seen a lot of activity around the creative campus where the Falling Up offices are located. We've had complete strangers walking in and out of the office, sizing up the place like they own it. Others are just stopping in to share a laugh or tell us about the people standing outside the building. People standing outside the building? We soon discovered all of this sudden attention was the fault of some cardboard miscreants. They come early every morning, waving signs and shouting at the tra... Read more

404 Page Best Practices For SEO

What comes to mind when you come across a dull 404 page? WTF comes to my mind, which more than likely leads to a click on the good ole' back button! A 404 error basically tells you that you were able to connect to the server, but was unable to find what it was looking for. 404 pages are visible to a user who either followed a dead link or typed a wrong URL in the address bar. We have all seen the "Top 50 Creative 404 Pages" posts before, dont worry - this isn't one of them! Lets talk about how you can make a val... Read more