For many businesses, choosing between SEO and PPC is a big choice. Partly because of budget, and partly because they don’t understand the differences. Other businesses know what they want from the get go(or at least think they know). We’re not going to go too deep into comparing SEO vs PPC right now, thats a whole other topic. But we will show you how to effectively use SEO and PPC to maximize your Internet Marketing results.

Lets assume you know what SEO, PPC, organic and paid listings are. Many SEO companies dive straight into SEO, they do there keyword research, generally picking the highest searched terms and start SEO work. Great, they get you to page one and your getting leads and sales. But you could be getting even better results. How? With PPC.

By creating a stand alone SEO campaign, you have done extensive keyword research, but no proof that those keyword strings will offer quality traffic and customers. Many times there are multiple keyword strings with similar projected monthly searches and you are forced to choose which one you think will give you the best results. With Pay Per Click you can test different keyword strings at the same time, instantly and measure the results and conversions in Google Analytics. Now you can use this information, and develop your SEO strategy around your already proven and tested keywords.

SEO & PPC Results

We recommend never starting a Search Engine Optimization campaign without testing your strategy through Pay Per Click first. By combining the use of PPC with SEO you can save time and money, effectively giving you faster results.

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