In recent weeks we’ve seen a lot of activity around the creative campus where the Falling Up offices are located. We’ve had complete strangers walking in and out of the office, sizing up the place like they own it. Others are just stopping in to share a laugh or tell us about the people standing outside the building. People standing outside the building?

We soon discovered all of this sudden attention was the fault of some cardboard miscreants.

They come early every morning, waving signs and shouting at the traffic driving down 44th Street near Indian School Avenue. At first we were worried. What had we done wrong to deserve this negative attention? How was this going to affect business? The last thing we needed was to be on the 5 o’ clock news with a yard full of vicious paper peasants chanting “Comic Sans is Sin.”

After several complaints to the police were ignored (they even had the nerve to laugh at us), we began to consider taking crowd control into our own hands and using the hose to put a soggy end to our squatters’ card stock shenanigans.

But then we got to know them.

As I spent time with them and listened to their message, I remembered the shouting matches I had with my own father over his use of IE6. My desperate attempts to get him to switch to a safer, faster browser fell on deaf ears. Day after day I watched with despair as he became more and more frustrated with his Internet browsing experience. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, so I packed my bags and left Ohio, and I’ve been in Arizona ever since. I don’t even remember what IE6 looks like.

What we had originally assumed was a group of bored, unemployed vagabonds was in reality a dynamic crew of creatives. Freelancers, designers, writers, animators, programmers… people like us just searching for a better way to create.

Is #OccupyCoLab stirring up trouble? Is it disruptive to the day-to-day operations of a 9-5 world? Of course it is, but they’re doing it for all the right reasons.

Wherever there is a traditional office, an outdated website, a poor color choice, #OccupyCoLab will be there to put a stop to it. They refuse to tolerate creative bankruptcy.

The Falling Up team has joined the creative revolution. Will you?

Visit the Occupy CoLab website to learn more about the creative spaces available. Photos courtesy of @casaundra.

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