Researching Keywords for SEO

Your search engine optimization strategy starts with the right keywords for your content. If you do not have great content then all other linking building, marketing, and optimization strategies don’t matter. Producing great content starts with using the right search engine keywords for the topic you are writing about. Here are a few tips, tricks, and strategies, on how to build a keyword list that produces traffic to your site.

The first step is to simply take the time to brainstorm what search terms someone might use to find what you are writing about. Put yourself in their shoes; what would you type in that search bar? At Falling Up Media we like to jot these keywords down on a piece of paper. Once we have a list that we are satisfied with, the next step is to test them.

There are many ways to test keywords. However, we like to start by simply putting them into a Google search. Type your keywords and phrases into the search bar. Google has excellent search suggestion tools that will show up below the search bar as you type. Use these suggested keyword phrases to assist you in identifying how people will be searching for your content.

Now refine your list according to what you found in your search testing.  Lastly, research a little further to come up with your final list. There are many tools out there to research keywords but one of the most popular is Google’s Keyword Generator. Simply put your keywords into the the search box and the keyword tool will tell you what the competition, trends, and how many monthly searches there are for that keyword or phrase.

With all this information in hand you should now feel pretty confident that the keywords you are using in your content are the most appropriate for your target market. Now make sure to include these keywords throughout your content and you will be on your way to better on-site seo.

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