2011, like many have predicted, is shaping up to be the year of a social influenced search results. While many traditional SEO‘s are cringing at all of these new changes to Google’s algorithm, at Falling Up Media we are loving the new changes that Google is dishing out!

Social integration such as related tweets, Facebook likes, Google Buzz links, etc have been influencing SERP’s for awhile now.  Now enters…..

Google +1

This is a similar feature to the popular FaceBook “like” button. It essentially allows you to “+1” or recommend a website site publicly for you and your friends or other social influences. On some search queries it will be recommended for everyone to see. The feature integrates nicely into search results (look for the gray +1 icon next to the title). By giving your public recommendation for a particular site you are associating your name with that link. This means that it will show up on results, ads, etc.

We assume that Google will also roll out a +1 widget to put directly onto your site. With over 2 million websites with a FaceBook like button widget, Google has some catching up to do.

How will it influence rankings?
We aren’t sure yet how or if it will influence your ranking position directly, but we are almost certain that when you come across a recommended result by someone you personally know, you will be more likely to visit that result.

We are looking forward to following and testing out how Google’s new +1 feature and exploring how it correlates to SERP’s. Expect us to do a follow up blog on the same topic in the future!

Google Profile +1

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