Search engines are the primary way of finding information throughout the web, in fact there are over 2 billion searches each day on Google alone! That is why it is so important for websites to have a good search engine ranking.

Most sites however have very poor SERP’s (search engine ranking positions), or are not even listed because they dont realize how search engines crawl websites.

Submitting to Search Engines

Many people think you have to “submit your site to the search engines”. Which you can do, but is not necessary, all major search engines have spiders who crawl the web looking for new websites to include in there search engine results. And there are many factors these spiders see and relay to the search engines what can determine your rankings. You must prepare your website from the start through proper search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is basically ensuring your that your website is accessible to the search engines by focusing on ways to improve your results. Search engines have a list of things they look for in a well built site, and are always adding more and more things they look at hundreds of times each year! This is why it is important to find a SEO Company who keeps up to date with the latest SEO trends and techniques.

What do search engines look at to rank my website, and what can you do to improve it?

Search engines look and a large amount of things to determine the rank of your website. They look at factors both on your actual site and even how your name and links are spread out on the web. Most SEO companies start with the on site portion of search engine optimization first. On site SEO is important because when the search engines crawl your website, they dont see what you see. They see the actual programming of the website, such as HTML, PHP, ASP, etc. It is important that your website is built up-to-date with the latest standards and the code is optimized for search engines.

On Site Search Engine Optimization

  • Great, well written content
  • Keyword Density
  • Correct Title Tags
  • Correct Meta Keywords
  • Correct Meta Descriptions
  • Accessible robots.txt
  • Proper use of header tags
  • Alt attributes on every image
  • Sitemap

There is a lot of initial keyword research to determine you are targeting the correct keywords using the methods above.

Off Site Search Engine Optimization

Off site optimization is almost necessary for any semi-competitive through high-competitive keyword strings. Off site SEO is by far the most important part of search engine optimization, why? It can drastically improve your results AND if done incorrectly it can harm your results badly. So what is off site SEO? It is how other sites link to you, these links are called backlinks. In theory the more backlinks the better. Think of this as a popularity contest, instead of needing more friends to become more popular you need more links to appear more popular to search engines. There is a proper way to obtain backlinks though, you must do so in a natural looking way.

Gaining backlinks in a unnatural way can be harmful because Google will see that you are trying to manipulate it, which it doesnt like. Gaining unnatural backlinks are seen as spam, submitting your link around the web in a very fast time period can get you flagged. Even some unethical SEO companies use black hat techniques to get backlinks by using bots to automate thousands of links overnight, while you may see some quick results in this you will evantually be flagged and possibly deleted from Googles index!

Quality Backlinks

Natural looking backlinks are harder to come by, and must be obtained over a period of time to appear natural. There are many techniques to gain good backlinks including:

  • Article Marketing
  • Niche Directory Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Blog Posting
  • Social Media

You must rely on a number of techniques to gain good results from backlinks, this requires constant up keep to maintain a good ranking.

That covers the basics of what goes into search engine optimization, for more information on SEO, browse the rest of our FAQ pages or give us a call at 623.349.1SEO