Targeting customers by region is called local SEO or geo SEO. Local search engine optimization is a growing trend, especially with small and medium sized businesses who only want to target local customers. If you are a plumber in Phoenix, Arizona it would be silly to make the effort in advertising your local plumbing services all over the nation.

By targeting local keywords we can increase your rankings to show up on geo specific locations, generating more local leads and sales while at the same time saving money by targeting a smaller more focused customer group. There are a number of things we take into consideration and implement in local SEO.

Local Keyword Research

We start off by researching what search local terms are getting the most search queries and estimated traffic with one of our industry leading keyword research tools. Once we have determined which keyword or keyword strings you want to go after and rank for we can start building a content plan.

Local Targeted Content

We take your keyword terms we have selected as the most valuable to your company and develop a content strategy plan around it. We have our own content writers who are able to develop killer SEO friendly content with just the right keyword density percentage to get found and liked by search engines with your keyword strings as the main focus.

Local Optimized Website Design

It is important when optimizing for a local customer base to have some local elements in your website design. If its pictures of your local area or just stating your location above the fold, its important for the average user to know you are a local company before they even read your content. It is also very important to have a well designed website with perfectly placed call to action and contact information clearly visible above the fold to maximize your conversion on your new traffic.