Small businesses can greatly benefit from search engine optimization. If your business is struggling in this economy, or if your just looking to take your sales to the next level SEO is perfect for any small business. Search engine optimization is by far the best marketing strategy for any small, medium or large business. Check out why:

Sample Small Business SEO Scenario

Lets say you own “Sams Seafood” in Phoenix, Arizona. Wouldnt you want to be at the top of the search engines for “seafood restaurant in phoenix”? Did you know that the term “seafood restaurant in phoenix” is searched 1,100 times every month? And that “seafood in phoenix” is searched over 2,400 times per month on a local level!

If you hired a SEO company such as us to optimize your website to rank on the first page of google for just those two keywords you are putting your business directly in front of over 3,500 potential customers who are searching for you EVERY MONTH.

Thats 42,000 potential customers per year just by targeting two keywords, imagine targeting 5 or 10 keyword strings.

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