We like to maximize your exposure across the web. Unlike some companies who only optimize for Google or Yahoo perform search engine optimization that works on all search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc. All major search engines are crawler based search engines, meaning they have little bots that crawl through the web collecting data about new websites and content. Now you dont need to submit to search engines, they will find your site upon creation if done correctly. There are things we do to influence how the search engines crawl your website though, one of which is the use of sitemaps.

Friendly Sitemaps

Creating search engine friendly sitemaps are a must for SEO. A sitemap lets the search engine know exactly what pages your website has and if you want those pages and content to be available on search results. We create search engine friendly XML based sitemaps and submit them to all major search engines. By submitting your sitemap manually you can jump ahead of the line and get your site crawled instantly to ensure your website shows up on the search engines index in the fastest time possible.