When you first inquire about our Search Engine Optimization services we run your site through a website evaluation. We look at a number of things when we evaluate your current website. We mainly want to see what keywords you want to target, what keywords your website is showing up for and what keywords you should be targeting. The first step in our SEO process is to determine the keywords you want to target.

Keyword Research

Chances are, your website is coming up for the wrong keyword strings. Even if you are ranked #1 on Google for a phrase, it is useless without that phrase getting alot of searches.

When researching keywords, we ask that you give us a list of keywords based around your business, industry, products etc you want to rank for. We run each keyword through a number of tools and analyze the local and global monthly searches, search trends and the keyword competition. Based on our research we compare the best keywords which are likely to give your business the most results and develop a SEO plan around that.