After the initial launch of your website, we submit your sitemap to all major search engines and can initially get indexed within a period of 1-7 days. However your new website likely wont show up for keyword phrases for up to six to eight weeks. At which time we run our first rank tracking report. We run our second report four weeks after that.

Ranking Reports

We take a look at your initial report and compare it to your second report and note any gains and estimate the weekly growth rate. After this first 12 weeks you should have a decent rank for your selected keywords. At this time we start running weekly reports, making changes to the content, site structure or adding backlinks to keep and ensure steady website growth.

We have a month-to-month contract meaning you can cancel at any time. We like to ask our customers to sign up for a 90 day contract initially because it takes that long to start seeing real results from search engine optimization.

For more information on SEO please call one of our Phoenix internet marketing specialists at 623.349.1SEO