Search engine optimization takes a lot of time and constant up keep to not only capture a good search engine rank, but to keep your website on top also. Results are usually seen within 30-90 days, from there if you stop your SEO plan or are happy with the results and stop your SEO your website is likely to fall off the top rankings by your competitors. We offer month to month contracts but recommend – and offer discounts for 3 or 6 month SEO plans.

What Does the monthly SEO charge include?

Basically everything included in your SEO plan is repeated every month. All of our on-site optimization techniques are always monitored and changed as we see needed to keep up to date and keep rankings up. We add blog posts and new content regularly, wrote by our own content writers. We also work every day on adding new and relative incoming links to your site. Building links is the backbone of any SEO plan what seriously influences search engine ranking positions.

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