It’s time again for the monthly email. You’ve been sending them out for years now. They used to be full of “what’s new” columns and product spotlights, but as interaction went down, so did the quality of your email blasts. In order to grab the people who are opening your email, you’ve lessened the amount you send out and narrowed the focus of each letter to only include one or two focuses, announcements, promotions and sales. Don’t worry. It’s a common practice companies to only use email marketing as a place to send out one-off blasts that only focus on promos and sales pitches. While this can be beneficial under the right circumstances, email marketing can provide so much more to your entire content marketing campaign. Blend it with the right strategies, target and know your audience, keep things systematic and considerate of your readers’ interests – and email can be an extremely beneficial tool.

When married with supporting content, email can be the most powerful method of sales conversion. Keeping your target audience in mind, we develop content campaigns, such as lists, offers, and focused concepts to drive clients to your brand and what you have to offer. Deftly crafted, creative emails keep people engaged and drum up discussion. They also can be fun and entertaining to read. People can look forward to your emails, which is something we keep in mind. Emails encourage customer retention and further conversion. They’re a natural method of distributing and widely syndicating the specific content we’re creating. It’s true that the ways email marketing can aid in the growth of your business – when done wisely – are pretty endless.

We’re a local Phoenix business. We understand there are low seasons and high seasons of success. It’s important to allow your content marketing campaign help you create the future. Email comes in place here because during low, off-peak seasons (and we know these happen), it is a tool that aids in retaining client engagement. It evens out valleys of unpredictability. It converts leads. It keeps the conversation not just going, but packed with meaningful dialogue. It makes the future feel less closed in by helping you know that are tools and methods of communication in place.

Our knowledgable Phoenix email marketing team creates email marketing campaigns that seamlessly blend with the overall content marketing focus we’ve developed with you. The ingredients of this campaign, such as designated keywords, a thorough understanding of your target audience, and identifiable goals work in collaboration to develop emails that work for you and your clients. Our team puts into place important auto-responders that help to convert leads and secure participation. We also focus on design, layout and other incorporated elements, such as social media calls-to-action, to act as fundamental components of the email marketing wheel. Alongside direct conversations with you and creative team collaboration, we make sure your brand shines through every part of every email.

The Falling Up Media team has worked with many brands to create successful, reliable email marketing campaigns. Generating leads and creating conversions from your company’s email blasts is the important focus of our work here. Naturally, this applies to the future as well as today. We believe that putting into place tactics and time-tested principles will be apart of a fruitful future for you and your business. It’s all apart of the process we take and the things that matter to us and our work.

Interested in revamping your emails or developing a strong new email marketing campaign? Contact us today, via phone, in-person or of course, email. Our team of experts is ready to work with you.

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