Today, Falling Up Media launched a new client reporting dashboard.

It’s part of our ongoing commitment to improve our client communications. In addition to building a great reporting platform, we have created a resource to educate our clients on the in’s and out’s of their on-going marketing campaign.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Our previous monthly progress reports were good, they included current rankings, traffic data, in-depth details on what has been completed, and everything we had planned coming up such as new content ideas, potential outreach opportunities, etc.

Our new reports still include the same data, but we’ve made it better, the data, the visualizations, the historical views, everything is better.

Here’s a few highlights of what’s new:

The Reporting Dashboard
The most obvious upgrade from our old reporting system is our upgrade from PDF reports that we would manually email clients at the end of every month. Our new web-based dashboard holds all of our reports in the cloud, allowing clients to login at any time to not only view current reports, but past reports also.

Client Reporting Dashboard

Historical Keyword Data, Updated Weekly
Our old reports we included a table full of current keyword data. Our new interactive keyword rank tracker is updated weekly, and we keep track of those updates. We’ve integrated with Google charts API to provide a visual view of how your rankings are improving on a weekly basis.

Keyword Rankings

Live Google Analytics Data
We’ve integrated directly with Google Analytics to provide our clients with the best website traffic reporting available. We offer an in-depth view of all important website data such as bounce rate, time on site, top pages, page views, unique visitors, conversion goals, and total number of organic search visits.

Google Analytic Reporting

Delivered Directly to Your Inbox Monthly
Our client reporting dashboard is accessible anywhere, and any time so our clients can login and view their reports whenever is best for them. But we still like to make sure you never miss a report, on the last day of the month we send out friendly reminders when our reports are built.

Email Updates

Emphasis on Results

The new client reporting dashboard places a priority on our commitment to better serve our clients by holding ourselves accountable for our results and ultimately providing a positive ROI.

Our new dashboard was a blast to develop, and we cant wait for our clients to start receiving their new reports come the end of the month!

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi Casey,
    I own a wordpress development business and would really like to have something like this for my clients, would you be so kind to tell me if this is a plugin that I can use or if it’s something that you guys made?

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