5 Tips to Better Engage Your Social Community

A business’s social media presence is more than posting product information, promos, or even funny memes. Although, we do love a good meme when used correctly.   In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to have just a website or even Google ratings. It’s about the whole package and your social community will only thrive and grow if there’s engagement—consistent interaction between your business and its consumers on each social media platform you use.   Consider five strategic tips... Read more

Everyday I’m Buffering

I moved to Arizona from Ohio in January. There was a lot I didn't consider before moving: employment, residence, state citizenship, insurance, and a buffet of other issues that come with moving. For the most part, I made it work, but there was one thing I didn't account for... The time zone change. I was now chronologically distant from my Midwest crew. The Twitter followers, the Facebook friends, the blog readers, their schedule was out of sync with mine. How was I supposed to stay connected to them, especially ... Read more

The Most Pinteresting Guide to Posts About Pinterest

You've heard about Pinterest. Your friends and coworkers have been pining over Pinterest for months, and you've decided that it's time to learn what this Pinterest website is all about before you're pinned as the person who just doesn't "get" Pinterest. But you can't just go firing up an account and start pinning willy-nilly. Otherwise you'll end up with a board titled "Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal Eating Salad" or "Betty White Saying Funny Things Gallery" and look like a total psycho stalker. Not that I know from... Read more