How Important are Google Reviews?

Reviews make a difference, especially in the digital world of 2019. Today’s online reviews are what traditional word-of-mouth recommendations were pre-internet. Both negative and positive reviews can and do make a huge impact. If your business isn’t taking the time to encourage customers to leave a Google review, you’re losing out on one of the most powerful ways to build credibility that leads to multiple long-term benefits.  Google Reviews 101 A Google review offers consumers a place to leave a public re... Read more

Google’s Search Algorithm and Your Business’ Digital Identity

Businesses today must have websites that are easy to use, mobile-friendly, and most importantly, quick to find. Think about how you use Google. When you type in a search term or phrase, how often do you actually scroll through the entire first page list? Do you ever click through to the second page? Or the third page? No. We live in an instant society and want our info fast and accurate. This is why your business can’t ignore its digital identity and how it’s tied into Google’s search algorithm.   ... Read more

5 Tips to Better Engage Your Social Community

A business’s social media presence is more than posting product information, promos, or even funny memes. Although, we do love a good meme when used correctly.   In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to have just a website or even Google ratings. It’s about the whole package and your social community will only thrive and grow if there’s engagement—consistent interaction between your business and its consumers on each social media platform you use.   Consider five strategic tips... Read more

Your Business’s Digital Home

What to keep in mind when changing your business’s address, name, and/or phone number.   The motto "If you build it, they will come" is catchy, but it's not enough. They can't come if they can't find you. Only 10 percent of Americans don’t use the internet, according to data from the Pew Research Center. This means 90 percent are online. And 77 percent of those people own and use a smartphone. So what happens if you need to change your business address? Or change your phone number? Will your loyal cust... Read more

Top 5 SEO Tips for Dentists in 2017

Dentistry is an increasingly competitive field with many practices competing for a limited audience base from their target audiences and zip codes. If you don’t have a predictable digital marketing strategy in place, you’ll never reach the new patient potential that exists right now in your market. Your digital marketing strategy should be designed and crafted to to your specific practice and location. At Falling Up Media, we’ve helped grow dental practices for almost 10 years and understand how the d... Read more