Top 5 SEO Tips for Dentists in 2017

Dentistry is an increasingly competitive field with many practices competing for a limited audience base from their target audiences and zip codes. If you don’t have a predictable digital marketing strategy in place, you’ll never reach the new patient potential that exists right now in your market. Your digital marketing strategy should be designed and crafted to to your specific practice and location. At Falling Up Media, we’ve helped grow dental practices for almost 10 years and understand how the d... Read more

10 Ways to Create Evergreen Content

Does your website still get consistent inbound traffic from old blog posts you wrote months or even years ago? We like to define evergreen content as traffic driving content that never goes out of date and always stays relevant to the topic. The lifecycle of a typical blog post is really short. Traffic is always great right after social promotion, after that? Most content is on its way to the graveyard by week two. Even well researched and optimized content usually only sticks around for a few months at b... Read more

How To Create a Killer Content Style Guide

Your company has a content style guide, right? If the answer is no(or yes), then you’ll want to keep reading. When it comes to marketing related content, consistency is absolutely key. Content is finally becoming more widely adopted from small businesses up to large brands, and they’re creating it at an ever increasing rate. We love this recent acceptance of content as a legit marketing strategy, but with the surge in content comes a lot of inconsistencies, lack of communication and lack of direction and ... Read more

Welcome to the New Site!

We want to welcome you to the new Falling Up Media! We have created a brand new space for everyone to come together and get inspired. Though we have a new look and a few new team members (still looking for more, so contact us!), we work and live by the same principles we have since the beginning: creating the future, one success story at at time. So who are we, exactly? In a nutshell, we: believe in creative solutions don't sugarcoat the truth work together at all times to deliver the best results create th... Read more

Producing Great Content

The idea of "producing great content" can be a little vague. You've read articles touting it. The best in the biz have discussed how content marketing is exactly where it's at. You know it's important. You know it should focus on your audience, be interesting and full of rich keywords and phrases. You've tried it a few times, with little to show, little feedback. Was there a place you went wrong? Was your writing or the voice of your content creator that disinteresting? The truth is, the answer to all of these ... Read more