When it comes to SEO, there are so many different ranking factors and strategies for businesses, many of which go overlooked or misunderstood. SEO is a very effective form of advertising, but that shouldn’t mean you should jump right into it! We put together this list of “9 SEO Tips For Businesses” to further educate any businesses interested in SEO. If your just starting your campaign, or just researching, here are some tips for any business looking to hire a in house SEO or hire a SEO agency.

1. Understand SEO

Take the time to research and understand SEO, you should want to know what your paying for and why you are paying for it. Many people think SEO is about tricking or cheating the search engines into thinking your site is good, SEO is about actually making your site really good. Its not about getting fast first page rankings, you want to lock down a stable, long term position on the first page of Google.

2. Awesome Content Goes a Very, Very Long Way!

I cant stress this enough, awesome content can go a long way. I would put this right up there under link building for most niches. Just revamping your content and content structure can increase your rankings hugely! And remember to write for the customer not for the search engines. You do need your keywords in there, but make it enjoyable for the reader, or you risk losing the lead or sale. If you hire a copywriter to write your content, always double check the work and run it through copyscape.

3. Great SEO Starts With a Great Product

In addition to having great content and site structure, you need a great product to market. Nothing can kill a SEO campaign like a few bad reviews! Even if your page is #1 on Google, what if the #3, #5 and #6 are all links to review sites with bad reviews on your product or service? Most online customers do there research before buying a product online and will likely see those bad review in the SERP’s also. Make sure you can stand behind your product and company before you start Internet Marketing.

4. Start a Blog on Your Website

Of course search engines like regularly updated sites, there really isn’t a better way than to keep your blog on your site, ditch the blogger, tumblr and wordpress.com. If you are running a business, this is also a great way to interact with your customers and it lets them know that if your blog was just updated last week, the other content on your site should be recent and relevant.

5. SEO Wont Save your Business, be Realistic

Don’t get me wrong, SEO is one of the best marketing tools for any business, but if you are looking for a Internet Marketing campaign to save your business, maybe you need to take a look at the other reasons your failing. SEO can boost sales and leads, but be realistic and don’t expect drastic and instant changes.

6. Stop Waiting and Start Creating!

If you don’t have a product, or are launching a new product or service in the near future, you can start your SEO efforts today. All you need is an idea on what you are trying to market, from there you can start to kickstart your marketing. Create an exciting coming soon page with an email subscription form and start to develop a strong social media following. These are both great ways to keep your future customers in the loop on your product. This is also a perfect time to start planing your site structure and develop a SEO strategy.

7. SEO is an Investment

Don’t forget that SEO requires time and money. There can be some shortcuts to get great rankings on search engines, generally SEO takes time, and the timeframe cant be predicted. Stick with it and the rankings will come. Also, don’t expect to come into any SEO company with a budget of $100/month and get real results with it. If you can only afford $25 a week on your marketing efforts you need to rethink what you are trying to accomplish.

8. Don’t Invest in the Wrong Areas

Local SEO is a proven & effective marketing strategy for any local business, don’t get oversold! If you are a small or medium sized business focusing on a local area chances are you don’t need a huge $xxx monthly budget on a SEO plan which involves a ton of link building. Google Places listings are a must have for any business! Fill out your profile as complete as you can, adding a nice description, services offered, pictures and videos if you can, these will all help your Places listings get more impressions.

9. Never Underestimate the Power of Link Building

Building links can be costly, time consuming and for lack of a better word, a pain in the @%$. So why in the world do SEO companies praise link building so much? Without incoming links to your website you will be lost forever in the search results on almost any competitive keyword string. You need links, and you need lots of links. The more trusted the site you receive a link from the higher quality the link is, the more high quality incoming links you get, the better chance you have gaining a first page ranking. Trying to understand link building and its effects on SEO can be tough, especially for someone who knows nothing about SEO. This is a topic for another day, if a company presents you with a link building plan make sure the plan stays away from Paid links, Directory links, Blog comment links, “Outsourced links”, No-follow links or links from unrelated websites. While I don’t think there are too many links what can harm rankings, these links have zero to little value and can be a waste of resources.

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    A lot have been really going for that blog tip ’cause it really gives them the output that they want: better readership. Opening a bridge to communicate with the readers is a good way to promote your business, and a good way of getting amazing feedback for further product and service developments and improvements.

    — Man Ray

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