A business’s social media presence is more than posting product information, promos, or even funny memes. Although, we do love a good meme when used correctly.


In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to have just a website or even Google ratings. It’s about the whole package and your social community will only thrive and grow if there’s engagement—consistent interaction between your business and its consumers on each social media platform you use.


Consider five strategic tips to help boost engagement on social media accounts. 


1. Embrace the Art of Storytelling

Audiences make a connection when there’s a story. This is why motivational speakers, comedians, conference presenters, and others begin with a story. It makes the product/service/experience more relatable and helps create a bond. A post that tells a story breathes life into a brand or product, naturally generating a comment, like, or share. 


2. Infuse Posts with Personality

It’s possible to have professional posts that are personable, and gasp—even fun. Jazz up a post with an appropriate emoji (don’t go emoji-crazy, one or two is plenty) and definitely incorporate hashtags. GIFs, images, infographics, and video (see number 4) also are proven ways to grab attention with your social media. Visuals are more memorable and effective than plain text, especially when consumers scroll quickly through a stream on a mobile device. 


3. Ask and Acknowledge

One of the best ways to encourage engagement is to ask a question that doesn’t generate a yes/no answer. It can be in relation to your brand or simply have to do with the day’s weather. For example:


  • “Have you tried our XYZ yet? Tell us how you’ve used it, and we’d love to see pics of you using it.”
  • “It’s raining outside our Brand XYZ offices today. Can you send us some sunshine? Share your favorite sunny GIF.” 

Other  techniques include polls (easily created on sites like Facebook and Twitter), a shout out to your followers thanking them for support, and don’t forget the effective call out for opinions because people do love to share those. 


4. Utilize Video

Video reigns supreme in social media. Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more have made it easy to share video. Consumers expect videos and are more likely to engage and share video over other forms of content.

Fact: “54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support.” (Hubspot)


5. Power of Incentives

Consumers love deals, discounts, and incentives. The power of incentives in social media communities remain strong. Create a post that offers a promo code or entry into a give-away if your follower likes, comments, and shares the post. Offer top fans rewards and make them feel special. 


Top Social Media Platforms to Use


YouTube and Facebook are at the top of list for overall popularity, especially in the United States. However, Facebook has seen a demographic shift as younger users, ages 18 to 24, moved to sites like Instagram and Snapchat, but it still holds a massive market share.


The top four platforms to consider in order of most popular/most used (via Pew Research and as of June 2019) are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 



Pros: popular platform for consumers, easy for storytelling. 

Cons: limited customization, low security for content.



Pros: can drive traffic directly with buy links, high traffic are for some demographics, and availability of multiple marketing tools.

Cons: Engagement can be limited by the platform’s algorithms, meaning not everyone will see your post. 



Pros: with an Instagram Business profile you can promote posts as ads, auto-schedule posts, and access analytics to help adjust marketing campaigns.

Cons: Can take time to build a presence.



Pros: great for niche marketing, proven for generating inbound links, ideal for storytelling. 

Cons: Misconception among public that the site is only for crafters, foodies, and beauty enthusiasts. Another con on the site is the amount of spam that gets past filters. 

Other popular social media platforms to consider are: LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Reddit.


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