Thursday, 11/3/2011 Google rolled out its “Freshness” algorithm update. Originally said to effect at least 35% of all keyword searches, is now said to effect 35% of searchable queries, not keywords. So what is the Google Freshness update, and why should you care? The new update mainly effects search queries geared towards events, news & products. At first glance this may not seem like a big deal, depending on your industry – this is a huge deal! Google is now showing content on the top of SERP’s related to time and dates.

Sample “Freshness” Search Results

Google Freshness Update

Here are 4 tips to maximize your SEO efforts to get your site noticed more with the new listings.

1. Keep Your Content Fresh

This is a no brainer. Your going to need to blog more frequently with this update to take full advantage of the update. As with any content you push to the web, it is important to put up useful & relevant information to benefit your users. Dont feel pressured to blog about nothing, if you dont have something useful to publish then it might be best to not publish it at all. Post valuable content more frequently to take advantage of Freshness.

2. Optimize Your RSS Feed

As of right now the freshness update seems to take a look at your RSS feed to help determine your latest posts. Make sure you have a RSS feed & make sure that it is accessible to crawlers and users. One idea is to sign up with Feed Burner, a Google owned RSS feed management tool. Feed Burner can help you optimize & leverage your feed.

3. Tap Into Recent Events & New Products

If your industry is related to a recently updated/upcoming product or event you can easily write about your product or event to leverage the Freshness update. If not, think of clever ways to tap into a recent event or product and relate it with your business in a blog post.

4. Freshness Loves Social Media

Share your content. If your not actively using social media throughout your site, you need to be. Its hard to believe that social media doesn’t play a big role in the Freshness update. Start sharing your content and encourage your users to share your content. Try using Add This to help promote social sharing.

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