Cody Helgeson & Casey Kluver

We are very excited to announce today that our very own co-founders, Cody Helgeson and Casey Kluver, have been honored by The Arizona Republic. The Republic just released its annual list of the state of Arizona’s youngest and brightest entrepreneurs, and both Cody and Casey are featured as two of Arizona’s top young business owners.

Conceptualized in 2010, Falling Up Media is a true American success story. Started while both founders still worked their day jobs, Falling Up steadily grew its local and national clientele throughout 2011 and 2012. During this period, the team spent many late nights and weekends servicing client accounts. After having founded a number of digital business ventures in the past, Cody and Casey applied all their knowledge from previous wins (and losses) to build a solid foundation on which Falling Up Media as a company has continued to grow and thrive to this day.

Despite consistently acquiring larger contracts year-over-year, our goal and company motto at Falling Up Media remains very much the same as it has since the inception of the company. We strive, through our streamlined processes and strategies, to make our clients’ marketing efforts more effective and efficient, while simultaneously trying to lower their cost and increase their ROI.

As Cody always says, “drive and passion are the only necessities to be a successful entrepreneur.” He and Casey continue to apply these values to the way they work with clients and manage their staff, which has grown into a strong team of equally passionate and talented people. Together, our team at Falling Up works day in and day out to build solid and long-term relationships with our clients and offer the best digital experience possible. Marketing is in our DNA and we love what we do. Period.

Congrats to Cody and Casey who have been named to The Arizona Republic’s 2013 35 under 35 list of top entrepreneurs in Arizona.

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