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Mobile Web Design Specialists!

Mobile is rapidly becoming a crucial part of the web, and has taken off like a rocket! Some experts suggest that we will see a <10% mobile user share by as soon as 2012. Are you ready for your new mobile customer base? Probably not, but we are here to help! We are mobile web design specialists, with the experience and knowledge to develop cutting edge and dynamic mobile websites.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Development Best Practices

We use only the best practices when designing and developing your mobile website. Most of the time we can use your existing web design and convert it into a mobile website using HTML5 and CSS3 media queries. When developing your mobile web site, you get to keep all of your existing pages, blog posts, even your shopping cart!

Cross Platform Compatibility

The mobile websites we develop are compatible with all major smart phone browsers and operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry & more! We can even make separate versions for the iPad and Google Tablets.

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Awesome Customer Service

At Falling Up Media we take Customer Service very seriously, besides from offering you the very best Internet Marketing and Design services around, we strive to provide you the best overall experience you could ever have.
Experienced Staff

We may have a small team, but we have a small team of VERY talented designers, developers and marketers. All locally based in the Phoenix metro area! Unlike other companies who outsource third-rate work overseas, you can be assured that you will be getting only top shelf service from local professionals!
We Love What We Do!

We wake up every day excited to do what we do, some people can say they like there jobs... How many can say they love everything about there job? We Can. Our daily motivation and drive to constantly keep up with the rapidly changing design and marketing trends ensures that you will have great results now and into the future!