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Online Video Ads VS Traditional TV Commercials

With the success of online video advertisements on popular social platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and LinkedIn to name a few gaining more traction everyday, digital savvy brands are starting to shift their advertising budgets away from traditional TV commercials to online video ads. Call it the online video revolution. And it’s being felt all the way to 5th Avenue, after 75% of ad agency executives cited video ads as equally or more effective than traditional TV advertising, direct response … Continue reading

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Co-Founders Receive Coveted Honor

We are very excited to announce today that our very own co-founders, Cody Helgeson and Casey Kluver, have been honored by The Arizona Republic. The Republic just released its annual list of the state of Arizona’s youngest and brightest entrepreneurs, and both Cody and Casey are featured as two of Arizona’s top young business owners. Conceptualized in 2010, Falling Up Media is a true American success story. Started while both founders still worked their day jobs, Falling Up steadily grew … Continue reading

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Writing for Keeps: Simple Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

Creating content for search engine optimization presents its own set of goals and challenges. Considering the wealth of new content that makes its way online each day, it’s not enough to just master the parameters of SEO. Effective content is both strategic and high quality. Theses simple tips shed light on how you approach SEO content writing from both of these angles, helping you make the most of your efforts. 1. Get Ahead with Attention-Grabbing Headlines Writing a whizbang headline … Continue reading

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Client Reporting Gets An Overhaul

Today, Falling Up Media launched a new client reporting dashboard. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to improve our client communications. In addition to building a great reporting platform, we have created a resource to educate our clients on the in’s and out’s of their on-going marketing campaign. Out With The Old, In With The New Our previous monthly progress reports were good, they included current rankings, traffic data, in-depth details on what has been completed, and everything we had … Continue reading

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Everyday I’m Buffering

I moved to Arizona from Ohio in January. There was a lot I didn’t consider before moving: employment, residence, state citizenship, insurance, and a buffet of other issues that come with moving. For the most part, I made it work, but there was one thing I didn’t account for… The time zone change. I was now chronologically distant from my Midwest crew. The Twitter followers, the Facebook friends, the blog readers, their schedule was out of sync with mine. How … Continue reading

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Who’s Coming to Your Party? Using Confetti Mapping to Analyze Visitors

In the last post of our Digital Intelligence series we discussed using heat mapping to track visitors. Today we’ll be going over a similar analytics tool from CrazyEgg, confetti mapping. Confetti mapping is like heat mapping in that it shows where people are clicking, but this tool uses colored dots to provide more information about the clicks. Each confetti map is different, and every color will indicate a different type of visitor. A confetti map basically turns your website into … Continue reading

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Occupy Colab

In recent weeks we’ve seen a lot of activity around the creative campus where the Falling Up offices are located. We’ve had complete strangers walking in and out of the office, sizing up the place like they own it. Others are just stopping in to share a laugh or tell us about the people standing outside the building. People standing outside the building? We soon discovered all of this sudden attention was the fault of some cardboard miscreants. They come … Continue reading

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Become a Predator: Using Heat Mapping to Track Your Visitors

Welcome to our Digital Intelligence series. Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving you an inside look into the world of web analytics. Today we’ll be sharing one of our favorite analytic tools: heat mapping. The Internet is a jungle. It’s beautiful and rich with resources, but also difficult to navigate and full of animals that want to poison and/or eat you. It’s constantly evolving, and if you don’t evolve with it you’ll find yourself prey to a faster, … Continue reading

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The Most Pinteresting Guide to Posts About Pinterest

You’ve heard about Pinterest. Your friends and coworkers have been pining over Pinterest for months, and you’ve decided that it’s time to learn what this Pinterest website is all about before you’re pinned as the person who just doesn’t “get” Pinterest. But you can’t just go firing up an account and start pinning willy-nilly. Otherwise you’ll end up with a board titled “Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal Eating Salad” or “Betty White Saying Funny Things Gallery” and look like a total … Continue reading

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