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Cody is co-founder and head of client services and design at Falling Up Media.
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Why be unique – User Experience

We are excited to present part 2 of our four part series on the reasons and ways to be unique in the enormous world wide web. This series is all about separating yourself from your competitors and creating an online presence that stands out and defines your business. If you haven’t read Part 1: Why be Unique – Web Design yet, you can check it out now, or go there after your done with today’s topic its up to you. … Continue reading

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Why be unique – Web Design

Why should your brand, your website, and your business be unique? In today’s day and age is it really possible for you to set yourself apart? In this 4 part series we are going to discuss the importance of being unique. Being a unique company that stands out from the crowd is not just about your image, it is about how you develop your image and manage your reputation. In the why be unique series we will explore the top … Continue reading

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Link Architecture: What It Is – How to Develop It

The idea of developing a link architecture for beginners can be a daunting and scary task. For most business owners looking for a website designer in Phoenix is all about wanting your new website to look good. The truth is your website not only needs to look great, it needs to perform great too. Your websites performance depends not only on how it looks on the outside; but how it looks on the inside, how the user interacts with it, … Continue reading

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How to pick keywords for seo

Your search engine optimization strategy starts with the right keywords for your content. If you do not have great content then all other linking building, marketing, and optimization strategies don’t matter. Producing great content starts with using the right search engine keywords for the topic you are writing about. Here are a few tips, tricks, and strategies, on how to build a keyword list that produces traffic to your site. The first step is to simply take the time to … Continue reading

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WordCamp Phoenix 2011

What does a Mariachi band, public transportation (know in Phoenix, Arizona as the light-rail), Mexican food, the City of Chandler, and a ton of web guru talent have in common? It turns out these were just a few of our favorite things from the WordCamp Phoenix 2011 conference this weekend in our home state of Arizona. We have been gearing up for WordCamp for months now, and we feel a bit like a lost puppy in the woods now that … Continue reading

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