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4 Tips to Maximize SEO After “Freshness”

Thursday, 11/3/2011 Google rolled out its "Freshness" algorithm update. Originally said to effect at least 35% of all keyword searches, is now said to effect 35% of searchable queries, not keywords. So what is the Google Freshness update, and why should you care? The new update mainly effects search queries geared towards events, news & products. At first glance this may not seem like a big deal, depending on your industry - this is a huge deal! Google is now showing content on the top of SERP's related to time and... Read more

8 Great SEO Tools

A few of our favorite SEO tools We have been doing SEO for years now, over that time we have found and tested countless different SEO tools. Here are 8 great tools what stand out in our mind, which we wanted to share! Some are paid tools and some are free. Here's a rundown of software, websites and plugins that we use on a daily basis to help our clients out! Google Keyword Tool The Google Keyword research tool is a great free tool from Google. We normally start off any consultation research with this tool. Thi... Read more

9 SEO Tips For Businesses

When it comes to SEO, there are so many different ranking factors and strategies for businesses, many of which go overlooked or misunderstood. SEO is a very effective form of advertising, but that shouldn't mean you should jump right into it! We put together this list of "9 SEO Tips For Businesses" to further educate any businesses interested in SEO. If your just starting your campaign, or just researching, here are some tips for any business looking to hire a in house SEO or hire a SEO agency. 1. Understand SEO... Read more

Use SEO & PPC to Maximize Results

For many businesses, choosing between SEO and PPC is a big choice. Partly because of budget, and partly because they don't understand the differences. Other businesses know what they want from the get go(or at least think they know). We're not going to go too deep into comparing SEO vs PPC right now, thats a whole other topic. But we will show you how to effectively use SEO and PPC to maximize your Internet Marketing results. Lets assume you know what SEO, PPC, organic and paid listings are. Many SEO companies d... Read more

The Effects of Google +1 and SEO

2011, like many have predicted, is shaping up to be the year of a social influenced search results. While many traditional SEO's are cringing at all of these new changes to Google's algorithm, at Falling Up Media we are loving the new changes that Google is dishing out! Social integration such as related tweets, Facebook likes, Google Buzz links, etc have been influencing SERP's for awhile now.  Now enters..... Google +1 This is a similar feature to the popular FaceBook “like” button. It essentially allow... Read more