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Casey is co-founder and head of SEO and marketing at Falling Up Media.
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The Effects of Google +1 and SEO

2011, like many have predicted, is shaping up to be the year of a social influenced search results. While many traditional SEO‘s are cringing at all of these new changes to Google’s algorithm, at Falling Up Media we are loving the new changes that Google is dishing out! Social integration such as related tweets, Facebook likes, Google Buzz links, etc have been influencing SERP’s for awhile now.  Now enters….. Google +1 This is a similar feature to the popular FaceBook … Continue reading

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Dont Hesitate, Get Online Now!

As more and more businesses choose to shift their marketing budgets towards internet marketing you cant afford to waste any time in getting your company online. With the falling economy fueling internet sales you dont want to be left behind playing catch up on the search engines. Is your business doing just fine? Sure, today your business is the leader in your field, lets keep it that way and get ahead of your competition by marketing online and generate more … Continue reading

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Website Design is important in SEO

You may have heard that website design has nothing to do with search engine optimization. It is true that search engines dont see your nicely layed out design and graphics, only the human eye can. So should you even care about design? Of course! You want to please your viewers with a beautiful, clean and easy to navigate website design to keep your bounce rate down and your conversions up. While your design on the outside may not be important … Continue reading

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Good SEO vs Bad SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is optimizing your website to rank well organically in search engines. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are many techniques and variables what go into SEO, it takes careful planing and alot of good and hard work. There is however good SEO and bad SEO practices. Here are some examples on effects of good vs bad. Good SEO / White Hat: Complies with industry practices and SEO rules Cares about … Continue reading

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