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Client Reporting Gets An Overhaul

Today, Falling Up Media launched a new client reporting dashboard. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to improve our client communications. In addition to building a great reporting platform, we have created a resource to educate our clients on the in’s and out’s of their on-going marketing campaign. Out With The Old, In With The New Our previous monthly progress reports were good, they included current rankings, traffic data, in-depth details on what has been completed, and everything we had planned coming ... Read more

404 Page Best Practices For SEO

What comes to mind when you come across a dull 404 page? WTF comes to my mind, which more than likely leads to a click on the good ole' back button! A 404 error basically tells you that you were able to connect to the server, but was unable to find what it was looking for. 404 pages are visible to a user who either followed a dead link or typed a wrong URL in the address bar. We have all seen the "Top 50 Creative 404 Pages" posts before, dont worry - this isn't one of them! Lets talk about how you can make a val... Read more

Expand Your Internet Marketing Efforts in 2012

It seems as if 2011 was gone in a blur, and it felt like Google's algorithm changed even faster. It's not easy keeping up with changes in SEO, and in 2012 you may want to start thinking about expanding your SEO & digital marketing efforts. Here are a few ideas on how you can improve your internet marketing campaign in 2012. Internet Marketing Techniques You Should Use in 2012 Focus on Conversion Maybe you spent 2011 working on your SEO, or other forms of marketing. Your analytics are rising and the traff... Read more

2012 WordCamp Phoenix Website

Announcing the new WordCamp Phoenix Website Its getting to be that time of year again! Yes, WordCamp Phoenix is just around the corner! WordCamp is a conference that focuses everything WordPress. All WordCamp events are held by WordPress users around the world. Last year was a blast! So when we had the opportunity to volunteer to help out with WordCamp Phoenix 2012, we jumped on it! We are absolutely honored that we had the chance to design this year's WordCamp Phoenix website. Like all projects, we were on a tigh... Read more

7 Tips for Better Internal Linking

On-site SEO isn't hard, but it is often used wrongly by many. When you hear on-site SEO, you think of code and site architecture, great valuable content and internal linking among others. One of the techniques what often gets overused and abused is internal linking. I know it sounds simple enough, right? Just link your pages together... Wrong! There are many factors to weigh in on while developing your internal linking structure. We like to follow these 7 simple rules while linking our pages together. 1. Relevan... Read more